Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to all SEAFARERS - and the families + friends + supporters of Seafarers. Some tips about how to best view this blog page (in case videos don't load properly - sometimes may happen with new computers) ... Instructions on how to update your computer to the latest flash player to see videos from YouTube...

This simple blog is here to help seafarers and their friends and supporters. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy being here

Are error messages being displayed when you visit my blog page? Scroll down the page to check - If you can see video thumbnails/pictures OK then your computer is up to date.

If not the error may simply be resolved by updating to the latest Adobe Flash Player as explained here by YouTube:

YouTube Glossary: Flash

In the context of YouTube, Flash refers to Adobe Flash Player. Download from here (hold the Ctrl key down while clicking link to open a new window):
YouTube uses the Adobe Flash Player to display the videos you watch on the site every day. Flash Player is a plug-in for your web browser, and like most software it is updated periodically by Adobe.

We have found that users with the most recent version of Flash, Flash Player 10, experience improved performance such as smoother playback when watching videos on YouTube. We encourage you to upgrade to the most recent version of the Flash Player by visiting the Adobe download site here (hold the Ctrl key down while clicking):

NB. The SEASOULFOOD blog page may load better when viewed with the Firefox Web browser.
Please note - This blog page usually loads and runs better

with the Firefox web browser.

Get Firefox now by clicking the following link:

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