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Hello friends, supporters and anyone else who is interested,
Seafarers are often lonely and isolated. Working hard for many months.
Out at sea far from family...
Who cares? Are they 'out of sight and out of mind'?

God loves seafarers, and SCFS chaplains seek to help and befriend them no matter what their religious background.

We are here to help them practically, emotionally and spiritually.
Thank you for caring enough to watch this.

Seamen's Christian Friend Society (SCFS) is an international, non-denominational seamen's mission. It was established in England in 1846 and has a solid reputation internationally in the care of seafarers.

SCFS is a UK Registered Charity and any donations are always welcome.

It is only through the generous support of individuals like you and of churches that SCFS can continue to have Port Missionaries visiting ships each day.

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SCFS - Seamen's Christian Friend Society

Why seafarers are so important for our everyday lives...

What being a Christian Friend to them means...

The challenges of living at sea for over a year...

How you can help...
Some general prayer points for seafarers:

1) To be kept safe at sea and to not be mistreated by their superiors.

2) For good working conditions and relationships on board (there is often a division between crew and officers; the vast increase of multi-cultural crews increases the risk of misunderstandings on board...even though everyone is supposed to communicate in English).

3) For the families of seafarers back home.

4) For husbands and wives to remain faithful to each other when so far apart for so long.

5) For port missionaries to be able to help in many different ways and to be able to be a good witness for Jesus.

6) For Christian seafarers to be able to resist temptations and to have God's help daily.

7) For Christian seafarers to be supported by their home churches and to be able to find and meet with other believers on board their ship.
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