Thursday, October 2, 2008

Donations welcome to SCFS - we need your help...

Seamen's Christian Friend Society (SCFS) is an international, non-denominational seamen's mission. It was established in England in 1846 and has a solid reputation internationally in the care of seafarers.

SCFS is a UK Registered Charity and any donations are always welcome.

It is only through the generous support of individuals like you and of churches that SCFS can continue to have Port Missionaries visiting ships each day.

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Reg. Charity No: 209133

If you would like to support us by regular giving (or a once off gift) you can set up a Standing Order from your bank account.
Here are the bank account details for the SCFS Euro and Sterling accounts:

Euro account (€)
Account Number: 47038130
Sort Code: 93-63-83
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Account Name: SCFS

Sterling account (£)
Account Number, 04027078,
Sort Code 01-08-52
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Account Name: SCFS

Giving to the SCFS

The work of the SCFS in maintained through the freewill giving of God's people.

Please send your gifts payable to 'Seamen's Christian Friend Society' to:

Seamen's Christian Friend Society
PO Box 629
SK10 9JY

Every gift will be acknowledged and, for taxpayers, we will gladly send you a Gift Aid form (or print your own form - see below) so that we can reclaim tax on your gift.

(Please feel free to copy, paste, print, fill in and post the below form to us, thanks)

SCFS Gift Aid form for UK taxpayers is available for downloading here:

Gift Aid form for UK taxpayers

If you would like to support us by regular giving (or a once off gift) you can set up a Standing Order from your bank account.
Download the SCFS Standing Order Form here:
Standing Order Form
Thank You, and may God bless you.
Video from Seafarers to the friends and supporters of SCFS


Colin and Sunhwa took over the work of SCFS in Cork, Ireland in September 2006.

Two highly recommended books to help you better understand our ministry:
'Seafarers' and 'Church on the Oceans' written by our co-worker in Hamburg Port Martin Otto.
These books are available from or

Seafarers! A Strategic Missionary Vision
by Martin Otto

Be inspired and catch God's vision for the seafarers of the world! The author Martin Otto is an eye-witness of how God is building his church amongst these easily forgotten, marginalised and often lonely economic nomads of the high seas. Through Christian friendship and hospitality, as well as letters and correspondence Bible studies, lives are being changed and many have been saved!

'Reaching seafarers is strategic, but building a network of evangelizers, disciplers and even seafarer congregations in the world's ports could be even more so! May this visionary book help to encourage this and so contribute significantly to world evangelization.'

(Patrick Johnstone Author of Operation World and former Director of Research at WEC International, England)

Martin Otto has been in full-time ministry since 1987 reaching out to seamen with the gospel. He is based in Hamburg , one of the largest ports in the world, where he works in association with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society (

Colin and Sunhwa say:

'This book and its author whom we know personally have had a profound impact on our lives. We have caught the vision of what God is doing in and through the lives of vast oceans of seafarers! It is our prayer that Christians worldwide, and especially those in English-speaking countries (the international language of seafarers is English), will wake up to this opportunity for world mission on our doorstep. Although few people realise it, seafarers from all over the world visit our ports daily, bringing goods which we consume. Many come from countries where Christian missionaries are forbidden to work. This book is just such a wake-up call.'

Buy it online now!

Colin and Sunhwa are the SCFS Port missionaries in Cork, Ireland.

Fred Merry is the SCFS missionary in Tilbury docks, London:


Prayer points for seafarers:

1) To be kept safe at sea and to not be mistreated by their superiors.

2) For good working conditions and relationships on board (there is often a division between crew and officers;
the vast increase of multi-cultural crews increases the risk of misunderstandings on board...even though everyone is supposed to communicate in English).

3) For the families of seafarers back home.

4) For husbands and wives to remain faithful to each other when so far apart for so long.

5) For port missionaries to be able to help in many different ways and to be able to be a good witness for Jesus.

6) For Christian seafarers to be able to resist temptations and to have God's help daily.

7) For Christian seafarers to be supported by their home churches and to be able to find and meet with other believers on board their ship.


"Thank you for giving to the Lord" - beautiful music video on YouTube: